Vilnius, Lithuania

has been acquired by

Moog, Inc.

New York, New York

Capital Alliance Corporation initiated
this transaction and assisted in its closing.


Viltechmeda is one of the leading producers of high tech medical devices in Europe.  With the aid of Gild Bankers and Capital Alliance (both members of M&A International), Viltechmeda sold its business to Moog, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of precision control systems, in a move to broaden the presence of the company’s Medical Devices Group.  Viltechmeda manufactures and distributes a wide assortment of branded products and syringe infusion pumps to over eighty countries worldwide.  A steady stream of technically innovative, affordable products had resulted in a 26% average yearly growth rate.

After fifteen years in business, the company sought a strong partner to develop worldwide markets, while the principal shareholders wished to liquidate their holdings.  Viltechmeda called upon Gild Bankers, an in-country Lithuanian Investment Bank, for assistance.  Gild Bankers solicited Capital Alliance, an M&A International member, to find a US acquirer that fit the needs of the seller.  Capital Alliance researched many potential acquirers before selecting Moog as the likeliest candidate. Capital Alliance’s experience was instrumental in finding complementary fits between manufacturing companies in technology-focused industries. In a deal that took almost six months to close, it was Gild’s partnership with the seller, and Capital Alliance’s skill at discovering the right buyer, that formed a global bridge linking two unconnected companies in a successful acquisition.