The James R. Brooks Company, Inc

Fresno, California

has been acquired by

Roadrunner Transportation Systems

Cudahy, Wisconsin

Capital Alliance Corporation initiated
this transaction and assisted in its closing.

The James R. Brooks Company, Inc

The Selling Company:  Both James Brooks Company and C.A.L. Transport were sold.

Why the Company Was Sold: The senior partner wanted to pursue his faith, change lifestyles, and build a “life of significance” full time. The junior partner was agreeable and has stayed on with the acquiring company.

Capital Alliance’s Performance: Capital Alliance provided assistance in the identification of the buyer, provided the key data used to solicit an LOI, provided advice and assistance throughout the due diligence process, and assisted with securing the final P&S agreement through closing.

Terms of the Transaction: 100% cash for the stock up-front, no escrow, reasonable working capital metric.

The Acquiring Company: The buyer was Morgan Southern, a division of Roadrunner Transportation Services.