Ohio Atlas Corporation

Ohio Atlas Corporation

Weirton, West Virginia

has been acquired by

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Pasadena, California

Capital Alliance Corporation initiated
this transaction and assisted in its closing.

Ohio Atlas Corporation

The Selling Company: Ohio Atlas Corporation is a growing and profitable construction company that provides specialized construction services to the coal mining industry. This company established a leadership position in constructing coal mine opening and major coal mining shafts.

Why the Company Was Sold: The major shareholder of the selling company wanted to prepare for retirement and to obtain liquidity for his stock in the company.

Capital Alliance’s Performance: Finding well matched acquirer candidates required extensive research due to the unique nature of the selling company’s operations. Capital Alliance invested the time to understand the selling company’s operations and then approached several well matched acquirers. In a few months, Capital Alliance established four meetings with financially qualified and operationally similar acquirers. The transaction closed seven months after Ohio Atlas formally engaged Capital Alliance.

Terms of the Transaction: The selling shareholders received a combination of cash and notes along with continuing employment agreements. The primary shareholder was able to phase out of the company’s operations shortly after the closing.

The Acquiring Company: Jacobs Engineering Group provides engineering/con­struc­tion and related services to the chemical, petroleum, mineral, energy, and other industries worldwide. The stock of this profitable company is traded on the American Stock Exchange. Jacobs Engineering Group wanted to broaden its construction expertise in coal mining by acquiring a financially sound company with good growth prospects.

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