Shanali (Shawn) Bhagat

Managing Director
Shawn Bhagat

Shanali (Shawn) Bhagat is a Managing Director at Capital Alliance Corporation, Oaklins International’s member firm in Dallas, TX, USA. Prior to joining Capital Alliance in 2016, he was a serial entrepreneur in the downstream transport, logistics, and wholesale petroleum sector. As CEO of AET Holdings (parent to American Energy Transport and Stampede), he built a fuel transport company that expanded rapidly from Dallas to 21 cities in nine states. The company was acquired in 2016, by Texas TransEastern, one of the largest fuel carriers in Texas. He was also CEO of American Energy Distribution (AED), a fast-growing fuel distributor in Dallas that was acquired by Empire Petroleum Partners in 2012. As well, he was CEO of Total Stop, L.P. and US Realty Holdings, which acquired and turned around truck stops, gas stations, and food operations.

Shawn continues to actively serve on corporate boards, petroleum industry boards, and civic positions throughout North Texas.

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