Capital Alliance is a leading provider of financial consulting services to mid-market private company shareholders. Financing support and advisory services related to strategic partnerships are also provided to our clients. Since our founding in 1976, we have completed more than 200 transactions with an aggregate transaction value in excess of $3 billion. As an active member of Oaklins International, we offer our clients access to the global mergers and acquisitions marketplace. Shareholders who are ready to monetize all or a portion of their investment are served by our experienced and capable team of investment banking professionals.

In many cases, we engage with our clients months or years prior to taking a company to market. A Value Enhancement Program allows our clients to benefit from our three decades of experience in obtaining premium valuations in closed transactions. Capital Allianceprofessionals review the financials and operations of your company, leading to a set of recommendations for making key improvements that will matter to potential acquirers.

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