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Livingston named group leader of the year

At the recent semiannual meeting of our international affiliate organization, M&A International (MAI), Bryan Livingston, executive vice president and principal, was recognized as an Industry Group Leaders of the Year by the 600 professionals who make up MAI. Six years ago, Capital Alliance...

EU stance on fracking

Time for the EU to Get Fracking

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

Recent events in Ukraine have brought Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas into sharp focus. The upside of the situation is the EU can do something about it. And, it seems, at...

Prepare today to sell your business tomorrow

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

Sooner or later entrepreneurs, business owners and majority shareholders reach a point when they know the time has come to prepare for a future when they are no longer in a leadership role. The time to step back from the day...

Effectively negotiating the sale of a company

By Edward J. Dawson
Chairman, President and CEO

Thousands of companies are sold each year. Sometime soon, you may be asked to participate in the negotiation of the sale of a company. Will you be ready? The following guidelines will help you negotiate more effectively not only the...

Indochina moving toward Tiger status

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

A recent trip to Indochina for a meeting of M&A International certainly opened my eyes to the tremendous opportunity the region holds. Although the countries of Indochina -- Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma),...

Two sides to the fracking story. Who’s right?

By Paul Puri
Executive Vice President and Principal

Every story always has two sides. On one are the enthusiasts; on the other, the naysayers. Although truth most often ends up somewhere in the middle, it’s always a moving target. Take a look at our energy situation in the US, and...

Trust in business transactions

By Edward J. Dawson
Chairman, President and CEO

Webster defines trust as confidence in, and reliance on, good qualities, especially fairness, truth, honor or abilities. When you trust someone, you depend upon them. You also risk that they might not perform up to your expectations....

Stepping it up at M&A International

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

Attending M&A International’s 61st Fall Conference certainly put a spring in my step. The environment in Bangkok, Thailand, was energetic, to say the least. I will have more to say on the economic and deals outlook in...

Professional Employer Organizations bouncing back – right along with the economy

By Bradley Buttermore
Senior Vice President and Principal

Every year I get involved in a survey of Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), those firms that provide human resource services to mostly small to medium size companies. We try to quantify the financial and operating...

Germany’s federal environment minister Peter Altmaier visits the 58th M&A International conference in Berlin

Over 160 mergers and acquisition professionals from M&A International Inc. met this June in Berlin to attend the 58th M&A International Conference and the 12th M&A Mid-Market Forum. One of the special highlights of the conference was the appearance of the Federal Environment Minister...


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