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Permian Basin serves as bellwether of oilfield M&A

Technology and pipeline companies stand to benefit from current cycle

By Paul Puri
Managing Director and Chief Development Officer

Oilfield technology companies and businesses involved in the transportation, storage and delivery of crude oil appear poised for healthy merger-...

Prepping for the sale of your oilfield company

What to do two years out

By Paul Puri
Chief Development Officer and Managing Director

Selling your oilfield services company requires good preparation for those who seek to maximize transaction price.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what companies...

The pros and cons of the SBEA

By Bradley S. Buttermore
Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

The recent passage of the Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA) brings both pros and cons to the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry.

The bill, signed by President Obama in December 2014,...

Indian companies view Mexico as fertile expansion ground

By C. Antoine Marchand
Practice Leader – Mexico

Companies domiciled in India have become some of the most energetic players in a developing Mexican mergers and acquisitions scene.

Indian businesses involved in producing food ingredients and specialty chemicals have been some...

New leadership to build on Capital Alliance’s long-term success

Capital Alliance will continue to bring global investment opportunities to the North American marketplace as the Dallas investment banking firm’s leadership transitions from the company’s founder to a three-member leadership team.

“We are tremendously grateful that we have an opportunity...

Paul Puri named a mover-and-shaker in energy industry

By Edward J. Dawson
Chairman, President and CEO

A lot has changed in the energy industry over the last decade. Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, renewable energy sources and much more have shifted the global energy equation dramatically. All the forces at work in the...

Time preparing to sell a company is time well spent

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

For business owners or major investors, the time to start thinking about selling a company should be long before the day that you take the company to market. If maximizing the value of the business is important, and it...

Favorable deals can cross borders and seas

By Bradley S. Buttermore
Senior Vice President, Principal and CFO

Favorable mergers or acquisitions usually aren’t found right around the corner. In fact, some of the best deals in today’s global economy can originate on the other side of a border or on the other side of the world,...

Energy firms eye their balance sheets as prices plummet

By Paul Puri
Executive Vice President and Principal

Energy companies are keeping one eye on their balance sheets and the other on falling oil prices these days. Since June the average price has fallen from about $107 a barrel to a recent low of $82. Of course, a lower price means...

What’s really behind reshoring?

By Bryan Livingston
Executive Vice President and Principal

When someone mentions reshoring – the return of offshored manufacturing activity to the US from abroad – the primary cause that first comes to mind is the narrowing of the wage gap between China and the U.S. While an...


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