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Technology driving the future of payments processing

By Mark Travis
Practice Leader

Payment processors focused on integration with software technology solutions are drawing hefty double-digit multiples in the merger and acquisition market from acquirers attracted to the stickiness and profitability of the customer relationship.


Natural gas rises, coal declines as new energy infrastructure takes shape

By Bryan Livingston
Managing Director and CEO

Peabody Energy’s financial woes embody a trend Capital Alliance Corporation has been following since 2008 — the replacement of coal with natural gas as America’s most important...

How tech savvy HR startups could disrupt the PEO industry

By Neal England
Practice Leader - Human Capital Management
and Brad Buttermore
Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

We’ve watched with interest as technology-driven HR companies roll out easy-to-use HR software that could impact the PEO industry — perhaps in...

A look at energy M&A: This isn’t the 1980s

By Paul Puri
Managing Director and Chief Development Officer

The merger and acquisition atmosphere in the United States is evolving amid a prolonged global oil price slump.

The silver lining will be a leaner, more innovative and better focused industry, once prices rise again...

Considering the sale of your business?

By Neal England
Practice Leader - Human Capital Management

There are many reasons to consider selling your business. The company may require substantial capital investments to upgrade technology and infrastructure or add key sales or executive staff. Maybe the owners are nearing...

Mexico’s valuable impact on the U.S. economy

By Ben Gonzalez
Managing Director, Borderplex Region

For the casual observer of world news, coverage of recaptured Mexican drug kingpin “El Chapo” and political rhetoric about illegal immigration and border security have dominated the airwaves when it comes to U.S.-Mexico relations...

PEO Industry – Valuation Multiple Discussion – Feb 2016

By Bradley S. Buttermore
Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

PEO valuations are currently very high and have exceeded the aggressive levels experienced from 2003 to 2007. My belief is that industry multiples will stay strong for the near-term as consolidation activity...

PEO industry adjusts to life under the SBEA with robust M&A activity

By Brad Buttermore
Managing Director and CFO

The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry experienced major consolidations late last year, as the sector reached a turning point following the December 2014 passage of the Small Business Efficiency...

Staffing industry in M&A growth mode

By Neal England
Practice Leader – Human Capital Management

Staffing firms with strong growth, profit margins and solid management teams will continue to be highly sought after this year by strategic buyers, corporations and private equity firms, as buyers and sellers look for deal-...

Renewable energy attracts M&A interest

By Paul Puri
Managing Director and Chief Development Officer

The federal tax credit extension for wind and solar energy through 2022 should give the U.S. renewable energy sector a boost and will likely shape merger-and-acquisition activity for several years to come.

Last year...


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