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Clean Power Plan withdrawal won’t halt U.S. coal industry decline

By Kelly Gerry
Managing Director

It’s too late to stop the decline of the U.S. coal industry, and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s recent withdrawal from the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), which limited carbon emissions, won’t bring coal back. The systemic decline of thermal coal...

Higher oil prices (still) on the horizon as global demand rises

By Bryan Livingston
Managing Partner

The “lower for longer” price on oil may be near its end as demand rises in countries such as India and China, which could give rise to a potential squeeze on global supplies next year or in 2019 due to long-term decreases in capital spend by Big...


Or…“How to use scare tactics to achieve the desired outcome,” by the U.S. Department of Energy

By Kelly Gerry
Managing Director

There is no disagreement that resiliency of the North American grid is both a necessity and a major challenge, considering the changes to...

Breaking up is hard to do

A progressive idea for oil and natural gas

By Kelly Gerry
Managing Director

I grew up in Alberta, Canada. As in Texas, we were all about oil & gas. A term. A marriage as firm as the ground below our feet, where oil and gas formed. Producers would tell you how...

NAPEO conference highlights active PEO industry

By Brad Buttermore, Managing Partner,
Neal England, HCM Practice Leader

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations’ (NAPEO) recent annual conference in Orlando reflected a thriving atmosphere for the growing Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry....

Recent oil price swings due more to speculation than supply-demand imbalance

By Bryan Livingston
Managing Partner and CEO

Oil prices have been unsettled recently, dropping to prices last seen in August 2016, before gaining ground days later after new data showed a decline in U.S. production.

This recent dip into bear market territory is likely due...

Exit options and considerations for South Asian-American businesses

By Paul Puri
Managing Partner

The growth of minority-owned businesses in the United States has been nothing short of remarkable, and firms owned by South Asians are among the fastest growing — providing substantial wealth creation in cities across the nation.

While the West...

Guest Post: Life after Brexit vote raises M&A interest in the UK

By Lord Leigh of Hurley & Peter Gray
Cavendish Corporate Finance

Note: Like Capital Alliance, Cavendish is a member firm of Oaklins, a group of mid-market M&A advisors operating in 40 countries. The following thoughts were presented at a recent Oaklins conference in Hong...

Bright future for oilfield service companies with innovative technology

By Paul Puri
Managing Partner and Chief Development Officer

When crude prices plummeted three years ago, oil companies sliced jobs, cut rig counts and buttoned down the hatches to survive, but they also embraced technology and cost-saving innovations.

Oil prices have begun to...

Global oil & gas market moves toward equilibrium

By Paul Puri
Managing Partner & CDO

The International Energy Agency expects U.S. oil production to be 680,000 barrels per day higher at the end of this year than it was at the end of 2016 as cuts by OPEC have brought the global market back toward equilibrium.

It’s the...


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